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Welcome to People-Powered Money

VIP Affiliate Wallet is changing the world of finance. In just four years, we’ve become one of the leading peer-to-peer WhiteBitcoin marketplaces used by millions around the world. And we’re just getting started.

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Buy and sell Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies in a snap

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We make cryptocurrency purchases run smoothly for everyone
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Easy Deposit and Withdrawl

Easy-peasy and fun to do. You don’t have to be an expert to deposit or withdraw from your account. You can quickly deposit and withdraw supported currencies from your wallet.

Secure Payment


The entire concept of cryptocurrencies is to give people authority instead of a holding decentralized wallet. Your cryptocurrency is completely safe in a decentralized manner since the VIP Affiliate Wallet is a world-fast decentralized wallet.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Currencies of global coverage VIP Affiliate Wallet trades globally so that you can buy and sell in any country.

WBTC Wallet
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Create a free blockchain wallet via the VIP Affiliate Wallet, and preserve your cryptocurrencies in a decentralized form.

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Hold & Stake

The VIP Affiliate Wallet is the first decentralized affiliate program in the world, holding and staking the five most popular currencies while adopting a decentralized method of dividend distribution.

Low Fees & Best Rates

Instant Earning

The first global platform that allows for immediate earning is VIP Affiliate Wallet. VIP Affiliate Wallet will pay you dividends immediately if you hold and stake currencies there.

Why Become an Affiliate?

Our VIP Affiliate Wallet is a great way for you to spread the word of crypto in your community.
Earn White Bitcoin

Earn WhiteBitcoin

Whenever you will stake any currency or assets, you will get reward or earning in WBTC

Grow Your Network

Grow Your Network

Big referral program announcement that if you refer our program to your friends or in your social network, you will get a reward in WBTC on each referral.

Cash Out Anytime

Cash Out Anytime

VIP Affiliate Wallet "cash out anytime" feature allows you to instantly convert your VIP affiliate earnings into real-world currency.

VIP Affiliate Wallet Staking

Our soft-staking program allows you to easily generate rewards by simply holding your crypto currency on VIP Affiliate Wallet.

Latest News

The latest breaking news around crypto world
Which Cryptocurrency Is Ideal for Beginning Your Investment Journey?
21 September 2023
Which Cryptocurrency Is Ideal for Beginning Your Investment Journey?

Cryptocurrency, the realm of digital currencies, though shrouded in mystery, is steadily emerging as an ever-expanding avenue for investing and trading. These digital currencies are built upon cryptographic technology, rendering them highly encrypted and virtually impervious to breaches, thus establishing them as the world's most secure form of digital or online payment system.

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Crypto Affiliate Programs: An Overview of the Top Programs for Crypto Enthusiasts
12 May 2023
Crypto Affiliate Programs: An Overview of the Top Programs for Crypto Enthusiasts

Crypto affiliate programs have become a profitable way for users and marketers to generate passive income as a result of the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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What is Crypto Staking? One Way to Earn Passive Income
12 May 2023
What is Crypto Staking? One Way to Earn Passive Income

Selling your investment at a higher price on the market is one approach to earning from cryptocurrencies. Staking is one more method of earning money using cryptocurrencies. Staking enables you to use your digital assets to generate passive income without having to sell them.

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